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Scratch Paper sprouted from a simple idea: Every student, regardless of their circumstance, deserves access to top-quality educational resources.

Think of all the notes you've taken - every little piece of scratch paper that was filled with information. You probably tossed it in the recycling without even thinking about it once you didn't need it anymore. But what if we kept all those notes and combined them with everyone else's?

Our journey started when we identified a pressing need to bridge the academic resource gap and we've been committed to that cause ever since.

Our mission is to democratize education by providing all students with access to exceptional academic resources, paving the way for their academic success and brighter futures.

We operate a comprehensive online platform, offering students easy access to detailed course information, valuable resources, and clear explanations of complex topics. Our platform serves as an effective tool to augment classroom learning, supplement current course work, and improve academic performance.

At the heart of Scratch Paper are our core values - equality, excellence, and empowerment. We believe in equal opportunity for all students, strive for excellence in all we do, and seek to empower students through education.

Since our inception, we have reached thousands of students across the country, fostering a deeper understanding of various subjects and contributing to significant improvements in academic standing. We're not just about providing resources, we're about making a difference

You, or your student can dive into our comprehensive modules, which are not just curated by top educators, but also peer-reviewed by distinguished students like you. As you journey through a course, you'll appreciate our simplified review section, streamlined to make the content easily digestible. And to ensure mastery, our focus isn't just on rote memorization. Our review questions challenge your understanding, pushing the boundaries of content comprehension and problem-solving. Why wait? Subscribe now and embrace the future of effective learning!

Meet Some of Our Amazing Team

Julie Harington


“My driving force is a deep-rooted passion for education and a firm belief in the limitless potential of students. With unwavering dedication, I've pursued building the strongest platform that provides students with unparalleled access to educational resources, empowering them to strengthen their academic skills and excel in their pursuits. The future is so, so, so bright thanks to the millions of students who pursue a strong academic path everyday. Together, let's embark on a journey of learning, growth, and endless possibilities for students worldwide.”

Favorite subject? History or English
Favorite hobby? Too many! Maybe reading or taking my dog Eugene on walks

“My primary mission is to ensure that students receive course materials that are accurate, up-to-date, and of the highest standard. By laying a solid foundation for students’ academic journeys, we can ensure future success beyond what most students think is possible. My commitment to you is that I will meticulously review and refine course materials, to guarantee that students have access to the best possible learning materials”

Favorite subject? Anything science
Favorite hobby? I love hiking and spending time in nature

Paul Larsen

education consultant

Quinten Carte

Finance Manager

“I didn’t always feel supported as a student growing up, so when I got the opportunity to join Scratch Paper as the Manager of Finance I jumped at the opportunity. I believe more doors need to be opened for students of every background. Not everyone can afford a $200 a session tutor, or study materials that cost over $1000. I am committed to making sure the cost of Scratch Paper never exceeds the minimum threshold. We aren’t here to squeeze every penny out of our students.”

Favorite subject? Take a guess - it's Math!
Favorite hobby? I like traveling as much as possible, but it's hard to beat a good movie night.

“There’s nothing worse than a boring lesson or a teacher who won’t slow down if you have additional questions. Scratch Paper is about YOUR success, and I make it my goal everyday to prop you up. Whether that's hearing student feedback or diving through or resources to find a specific answer, I'm here for you.”

Favorite subject? I loved Music class
Favorite hobby? Cooking and watching cooking shows!

Amy Sato

Student Success Advisor

The Scratch Paper team is a diverse group of passionate educators, technologists, and advocates, united by our shared commitment to enhancing education. We bring together a wealth of experience and expertise to deliver high-quality educational resources to students everywhere

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