Sasha Cabais and Her Art Experiments

Experimentation is a beautiful process, and this is apparent is the artworks of Sasha Cabais. She is a self-taught artist whose mediums include digital, acrylic, and even woodwork. Her interests span from nature to space and even beyond.

From hobby to passion

Sasha Cabais did not think of becoming an artist until she was invited to join a group exhibit called Collective Effervescent in 2015. She used to draw and had the basic knowledge of painting. Her drive to try and get into art propelled her into a beautiful journey of experimentation with different art mediums. She eventually found her way in the art groups and exhibitions.

The passion for art was perhaps sparked by her father’s work. Cabais was raised in Macau where her father worked in an art gallery. The gallery became an imagination playground to the then sleeping young artist inside her. But her dad, who played a big role in her journey as an artist, nurtured her that interest in creating by teaching her different crafts. She would even learn carpentry from him. Her works on wood is an endearing reminder of that moment she shared with her dad.

Cabais transferred to the Philippines to study Information Technology. Despite the technical nature of her academic journey, she found a practice of art in graphic design. Her digital works were exhibited in Graphika Manila.

Influences and inspirations 

Looking at her artworks, Cabais is an artist who pays attention to details but at the same time gets the big picture. She knows how to place an object in such a manner that it defines a whole. Her background in graphic design brought a subtle hint of logic in her art.

She takes inspiration from simple things but her interest in surrealism and going beyond what is perceived as simple shows in her works. In one of her series, she depicted the ocean as a galaxy. In her latest exhibition In Bloom she takes nature and placed them against industrial backgrounds.

The process of creating an experimenting is also another drive for Cabais. Her intensive research on her mediums, her tireless pursuit of concepts, her continued passion for learning art is proof that some artists are not born, but made.

In Bloom

Having learned different mediums of art, Cabais offers more to the eyes with In Bloom. It features 32 artworks in colored pencil, wood carvings, mixed media, oil, and acrylic.

Cabais wants us to meditate on the philosophies that can be found in the simplest processes in nature. Plants grow no matter where they are (She neatly placed a bouquet of flowers blooming in a frame of cement and wood). Plants give us the unexplainable feeling of calmness (She drew leaves of pastel light enough to make our mind float along with them). Looking through the artworks in this show will remind you to look at nature from time to time.

In Bloom is exhibited at Wooden Living Alternative Space. 

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