Kristoffer Brasileño grew up as a kid with an imagination that got him lost in the forest during a Boy Scout camp. He navigates the real life as if it is a reverie. He has a knack for juxtaposing an element with another from a different category, much like the eschewed reality of dreaming. What people see as a milk carton he sees the journey that the object has taken and its eventual purpose. You can say his head may be above the clouds, but his feet are certainly on the ground.

Growing up, he knew that he is going to be an artist. And so did the people around him. With a support system that included a Special Program for the Arts, his skill was sharpened. Brasileño also hungered for the perfection of his technique.  He stuffed his portfolio with different styles. When he graduated from the University of San Agustin, he had a number of group shows behind him. He also had his first solo show “Dreams” at Casa Real Gallery.

While he worked day in and day out to achieve his style he faced the impossible task of leading groups of artists. He was the president of the Fine Arts Major Organization, president of the Iloilo Visual Artists Collective and a member of the Visayas Island Visual Arts Exhibit and Conferences 2016’s Executive Committee.

As his artistic identity became clearer, he started expanding his medium, in gigantic proportions. His murals are seen all over Iloilo City. He also assisted the local youth development office in teaching mural painting as an intervention program for children at risk.

Kristoffer Brasileño’s dream is a beautiful dream as depicted by his artworks vibrancy of color, the fluidity of form and luminescent tone. Each object in his work represent a layer of a dream, seamlessly added to another to form an image of the dreamer and his dream, and the artist outside of it all, in his waking life. He tries to visualize dreaming awake and waking in a dream while urging the audience to see the beauty in the process. Unlike most of the artists of his time, he still believes that aesthetics precedes concept.

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