For the love of postcards

We have partnered with Postcards by Sophie to create a postcard book with works of our artist friends. We are kicking off the series with artworks by Kristoffer Brasileño, who is also our team member and therefore made it easier for us to get permission to use his works.

Postcards are purely awesome. They let you have a view of other cultures and in the first-hand account of a person who is a part of that culture. They help you make friends with people from places like Russia or Poland, or other places where you normally do not have correspondence.

In our studio, we have postcards wall everywhere.

One of our favorite postcards is a postcard featuring the painting “Central Line” by Wassily Kandinsky. This postcard was sent to our cat, Cecile, from an anonymous Reddit user who lives in New York.

There is a big community of postcard enthusiasts all over the internet, and perhaps they are the ones saving the post-office from going extinct.

Artist Series Postcards

The goal of this project is to propagate the Ilonggo art across the world, on a tangible level. You see an artwork online but the connection is different when you get to touch it, and when you read a story about it from a stranger.

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Our first artist is Kristoffer Brasileño. He is a painter, muralist, and a college instructor. His paintings have been exhibited all over the country and also abroad. We will post a profile of him in the coming blogs (don’t forget to subscribe).

How to order the postcards

Step 1. Message Postcards by Sophie on Instagram, follow and like the feed, and offer a swap.

Step 2. We’re offering the postcards on our store for a fee to cover the printing and postage.

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