One of the things I love about art is the wondrous discoveries I make in the process. Today while painting a piece for an upcoming group exhibit, I used a lip brush to paint the lips of the model subject. And it was a revelation.

nichido lip brush, oil painting

I am used to priming my canvas with oil and ordinarily, the brushes I brought from art stores worked fine, except today. After hours of changing and testing brushes, I picked up my sisters Nichido lip brush (This is not a sponsored post). To my astonishment, it blended the oil well and appeared seamless and smooth on the canvas.

Now, I want to try all the makeup brushes, each specific brush for the corresponding part of the face. Makeup brushes are soft and might be good for small angles and blending.

I have been painting for the longest time, and I get inspired each time I discover something that enhances my process.

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